Chad Crouse spent most of his childhood in northern Oregon but was actually born in Millington, Tennessee, in 1978. At a young age Chad began to exhibit strong athletic abilities and enjoyed wrestling, football, and track. From the age of 10 he wrestled, continued throughout high school and finished college undefeated - his strong competitive spirit being forged by having an identical twin brother. Wrestling not only honed his discipline and training, it took him all over the United States. Upon leaving wrestling, he started to educate himself about fitness and eventually learned of Bodybuilding.


Chad's German, English, Filipino, and Spanish background gave him a genetic upper-hand in bodybuilding and fitness. Chad found great success in fitness modeling and bodybuilding with his classic looks, superb muscle symmetry, height, and bone structure. Many bodybuilders and fitness models are known for a particular body part. Chad is known for his wide-set shoulders, well-built legs and small, tight mid-section.  This combination of  classical proportions gives him an impressive tapered physique.


Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Chad continued to pursue bodybuilding and fitness-modeling as a part of his career with appearances in fitness publications and numerous magazine covers.  Chad is a true fitness expert with more than 20 years of experience. He is nationally certified as a personal trainer and is extremely knowledgeable in body sculpting and reshaping, as well as nutrition and supplement guidance.


With 10 years of bodybuilding experience, Chad discovered Men's Physique in the NPC/IFBB league and decided to compete. He won the NPC Men's Physique Division and became the Mr. California Champion. He also qualified for NPC Nationals and won his IFBB PRO CARD that same year . All the hard work paid off when he became a Top ranking IFBB MENS PHYSIQUE ATHLETE. To this day he is competing in the IFBB league as well as the new IFBB Classic Physique Division.


What really sets Chad apart from the rest of his contemporaries is his hard work and determination. His internal drive, strong mental discipline and passion pushes him through all of his physical and mental achievements.   His motivation and determination are felt by everyone around him – spreading the message of living a healthy and fit life not only to his clients but to his friends and family as well. Chad takes great pride in transforming his clients not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.  Chad is also a C.M.T. (Certified Massage Therapist) and applies his background in anatomy and physiology in his healing massage therapy sessions. You can follow him at MASSAGELA® 


Chad is not without his hobbies.  He is also interested in street-bike riding, auto racing, snowboarding , mountain bike riding and has a love of music.


Creating a fit lifestyle, along with his new brand, OBSIDIANFIT®, Chad will be introducing sleek, chic, edgy fitness apparel, gear and accessories. So Stay Tuned!  Follow OBSIDIANFIT®