Training routines and customized diet programs coming soon!!



Prior to beginning our first training session I take the time to sit down with each client to reveal their specific training needs. During this time we will discuss things such as your body type, your existing physical condition and what you would like to achieve from training with me. Goals with realistic time frames will be set. This is the kicker, fitness is not achieved in 20 days, 30 days or quick fix programs. Real lasting results take time, but I promise you if you stick to my program we will get you where you want to be. I am not here for quick fad diets that will leave you bouncing back to your old habits in no time, we’re looking for lifestyle changes here! Once we have agreed on a fitness plan for you the training sessions will begin. Each session I will be tracking your progress and come the fourth week we will sit down to go over your results and make adjustments as needed. This training plan will be customized for you, so let me know what your goals are and let’s get started on making them a reality!


I believe that a healthy body comes from a balance of mind, body and spirit. As important as it is to maintain a physically fit body, it is equally as important to achieve a healthy spirit and clear mind to reach your maximal potential. Building a sculpted physique involves more than simply picking up heavy things and putting them back down. Training requires both a strong mindset to endure the physical challenges ahead and be in tune with your body and its needs. While teaching you how to utilize your gym time to its upmost potential, I also encourage my clients to participate in weekly yoga and meditation. Individuals who are able to clear their head from the daily stressors, manifest positive thoughts and be spiritually in tuned with their body are more successful at conquering their goals. We have one life, one body and the ability to control our state of mind. Manifest, visualize and conquer those dreams!

           TRAINING TIPS


So you walk into the gym with your workout routine for the day, set after set, rep after rep and you’re done, right? Wrong! There is so much more to training than simply moving weight around. Proper training starts with focus, feel the muscle contraction, make a mental connection to the movement that is occurring, spare the heavy weight to focus on perfecting your form. Working out starts with a good foundation, building the weight comes later. I will walk you through how to approach different exercises in the gym. From the beginning I will teach you what exercises to do at different points throughout the session, I will educate you on how simple changes in position can target a muscle group you didn’t even know you could build. I will help you incorporate the appropriate breathing techniques, muscle and mind involvement to ensure you get the most out of each and every rep. You can easily waste an hour in the gym moving things around yet week after week not seeing the results you were striving for. Let me show you how to make the most out of your hour in the gym!



Don’t be a cardio bunny! So many women fall victim to the myth that hours of cardio will lead to the slim and tone body they have always dreamed of. Yet hours and hours go by with no result I can teach you the tricks to building that perfectly toned body. Slimming is a decrease in the bodyfat and diameter of a specific location of the body. This is done through the combination of increasing cardiovascular training, dieting, and the correct amount of weight training. The second most victimizing myth is that of which weight training will lead to a bulky, manly looking body. False! Everyone needs resistance training! I can teach you how to properly incorporate resistance training to make that tone and slim body a reality



As an IFBB Professional Athlete I have accomplished pushing my body to its highest level of transformation and development. Many years of education and professional experience with both weight training and bodybuilding have built a foundation that has not only lead to my own personal success in the fitness industry but also provides me with the unique tools to help you achieve your competition goals. I can teach you all of my secrets, training tips and philosophy techniques. This level of training takes years of discipline and the mindset of a champion. As an accomplished professional athlete I can help you build a champion physique.